What Is Combination Resume Format & How To Create Combination Resume Guide?

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What is a combination resume

A combination resume is basically a combination of both the chronological and the functional resume format. This variant of a resume is best suited for those who have a very specific skill and a vast volume of work history in the background. It is the best possible way by which you can simply showcase your experiences and skills to the employer.

The format of a combination resume

Basic Information
The beginning of the resume should contain your basic info and personal details like name, full address, contact details, email address. You could also start with your objective at the beginning of the resume if you feel like but then it is up to you to choose what is best for you. Linking your profile to various business sites can be pretty much relevant.

Qualification Summary
After you have successfully introduced yourself to the employer you can now portray your educational qualification along with awards and recognition if you have achieved any. Your recent degree should come first in the list and then chronologically go backward. You should choose the things that are very much relevant for the job you are applying for. Your aim must be to keep this section at least three-quarters of an A4 sheet. It is good to add bullets and points for better understanding.

Additional Skills
This segment should consist of all your added skills and should come before the segment of your professional experience. You must make sure that you make small segments so that you can completely highlight your multiple skills.

Rest of the resume
The rest of the resume should be a simple uncluttered list properly outlined. When pointing out your employment history you will need to provide the name and location of the company or organization that you have attended with the added responsibilities and duties and dates on which employment was given. It must start with the recent employment and then gradually work backward. This is the best way to highlight the progress graph of your career before your employer.

Who should use the combination resume?
There are a number of job seekers for whom combination resume can work.
Workers whose employment history is steady and consistent
Entry level job seekers
New graduates
Those who are making a career change.
Those who are re-entering the job market.
Older workers with an extensive employment history who will want to focus on their strongest qualifications

Pros and cons of a combination resume

First the pros:
It combines both functional and chronological resumes and simply maximizes the advantage of both.One can easily choose out what to keep and focus on it.

The rest can be easily filtered out according to requirement and needs of an individual.

It is very much specific and to the point which quickly attracts the attention of the employer out of all others.

Now the cons:
This type of resume is often the longest among the others.
It can be repetitive to a certain extent and sometimes the key accomplishment will be repeated in education or work history as well.
Not suitable for everyone.
One must need a broad set of skills, education and work history.

A combination resume will be perfect for you if you have very specific skills along with a great work history and/or education.  You need to put your strongest achievements first. You will have to be concise and be clever on what you focus on.

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