What Is Chronological Resume Format and How to Create Guide

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What chronological resume is all about

A chronological resume is one of the most common types of resume that we use. In this format, we generally set the listing of information in a reverse chronological order with our recent or current job listed first. This decorative resume simply includes our work history and position along with our objective and career summary in brief. This variant of resume mostly outlines the capability of an individual along with the gathered work experienced in the relevant field for which the individual is applying.

Now, this form of the resume is perfect for you if you are in the same field for a long period of time showcasing your progression. This display of your experience in the related field can simply increase the chances of you being getting selected for the job.

Guide to create a chronological resume
So now the most important question remains what should we include in our chronological resume to satisfy the employer within a minute?

Well, firstly the most important part lies in the listing of the work history. One should simply do this in date order where one can start with the most recent one and go backward chronologically. It must always be remembered that in order to make your resume impressive and truly an eye catcher one must put headings such as “head of sales team” or “assistant head of marketing team” etc as one must remember that that one only gets few seconds to impress the employer and the first impression is always the last impression.

Personal profile
Secondly one should add personal details like name, full address, valid email address and phone number. Three sentences should be enough to describe one’s career objective in simple words. It must be written in such a way that the employer must relate to the fact that the individual is quite ambitious and a true achiever in life. One should rightly stress that his or her future personal success is directly related to the company or organization’s success.

This includes schools and colleges attended along with the honors achieved including years of achievement.

Work experience
Work experience is one of the most important sections in the resume. Here one should include all the work experience gathered including jobs that include working part-time. One should always focus on the benefits that he or she can add to the company. It should include and focus on the job title, the organization where worked, date of employment, achievements and main duties. It is always recommended to start with the last job and work backward.

It must be noted that if an individual is a fresher it is better to keep it before work experience.

Summary of the resume
A professional summary or a resume summary would simply include the important skills and experiences one possesses to better the chances of getting employment. It can comprise of different computer or language skills one possesses along with additional skills that can prove advantageous for the organization or company in the long run.

Coming to the conclusion
A chronological resume is a right choice for you where you can clearly show the minute and detailed progression in your career. You should always keep it in mind that it is mandatory to highlight any achievement you have had in your career and make it as relevant as possible to the job you are applying. This will simply make a unique image of yours before the employer and would make you stand apart from the rest.

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