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smart resume builder

smart resume builder

Our resume builder gives you a lot of control when creating your resume. Our resume builder contains a lot of settings with which you can manage your resume easily. All these easy to use customization options make our resume builder a smart resume builder. In this post we will explain you how to use our resume sidebar settings.

Settings in our Smart Resume Builder sidebar

A lot of customization settings have been placed in the sidebar for our smart resume builder. If you take a lot at the sidebar you can see below mentioned customization options for your resume.

  1. Choose Templates
  2. Smart Resume Section Headings
  3. Colors
  4. Font Settings
  5. Background Images
  6. Resume Sections Timeline – manage resume sections
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Resume Templates

A resume template gives structure to your resume. If it’s chronological, functional or combinational resume formats we have all the formats covered in our smart resume builder.

smart resume builder template chooser

We provide 3 main templates which can be customized 100% for free.

  • Simple Resume Template
  • Classic Resume Template
  • Basic Resume Template
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Smart Resume Section Headings

Resume is divided in to multiple resume sections. For example here we have education, work, skills etc. Each resume section will definitely have a heading.

smart resume builder heading customizations

It is the unique feature of our smart resume builder that we also provide resume heading styles as one of the customization factor. You can choose from more than 20+ resume section heading styles to apply to your resume template. This enables you to take opportunity to customize your resume without any limits. This one awesome feature has enabled our resume builder to act smart and creative in designing your resume. No other resume builder in the world will offer you to customize resume headings independently.

Below listed are the elements that you can customize for resume section headings.

  • Resume Section Styles (20+ heading styles)
  • Resume Section Background Color (color picker)
  • Resume section Font color (color picker)
  • Resume Section Text Transform (uppercase, lowercase, capitalize, As you type)
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Colors give more fashionablestylishhigh-class look to resumes. But make sure you use minimal colors in your resume. Don’t use over bright colors and make your resume a painting eventually.

smart resume builder color customizations

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Font Settings

Fonts play a vital role in resume design. When it comes to readability fonts in the resume will take a higher priority. If you pick a wrong font then it will kill the readability of your resume and thus you will lose chances of getting a job.

smart resume builder font customizations

Below are the font options that we provide to customize your resume.

  • Font Family (20+ font families)
  • Font Size (small, medium, large, X large)
  • Font line Height (1 to 2.6)
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Background Images

smart resume builder background customizations

Background images can enhance the beauty of your resume. We have more than 5+ background images for you to apply to your resume. Soon we will be adding more resume background images to our resume builder.

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Manage Resume Sections – The Timeline

Order of the resume sections plays a vital role in your resume. Based on the order only the resume formats have been categorised into chronological, functional and combinational resume formats. You can manage your resume smartly with the help of our resume section timeline.

smart resume builder manage resume sections

You can delete, add and re order resume sections using our resume section timeline.

Deleting resume section: Click on the trash icon besides the resume section that you want to delete.

Reordering resume sections: Click on drag icon and drag and drop on at different place in the resume time line to order the resume sections accordingly.

Manage resume section fields: Click on gear icon(see above picture) to see all the fields. You can enable/disable any field with just one click. That resume section field will be removed from the resume editor.


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