What is Resume Version and Why It Is Important at Make Resume Online

We have a new resume builder app. You might be checking our old tutorial.

Our resume builder is no doubt the world’s number 1 customizable resume builder. We have built our resume builder for you and we always try to provide you the best features to make awesome resumes using our resume builder. In this event we want to mention you some of the things you have to know and take care when using our resume builder. Resume version is the most important thing our resume builder.

resume version update

What is Resume Versioning?

We release a lot of changes to our resume builder every now and then depending upon the user feedback. To track all these changes we make use of resume versioning. When we release a new version to the public we will increment the resume version. If you have already created a resume and you are notified to update your resume to the newest version then you should definitely update your resume.

If you don’t update your resume your online resume residing at https://cv.prokarman.com/profile/[yourusername] might not work properly. This is not always apt that your resume will not work properly but we insist you to update your resume version if available as soon as possible.

Free Cover Letter Builder Released with Resume Version 1.1

free cover letter builder

free cover letter builder

We have released free cover letter builder with the resume version 1.1. You should always think that cover letter is part of resume when you are creating resume at prokarman.com. When ever you create a resume cover letter is automatically created in the background and attached to the resume. Know more about our free cover letter builder

Initial Resume Builder Released with Resume version 1.0

free online cv maker features

free online cv maker features

We are very proud to say that our Initial resume builder was released. It comprises of 3 standard resume templates and different resume quick settings to customize your resumes with unlimited customizations.


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