Resume Layouts : Creating One or Multiple Page Resumes

Most of the online resume builders talk about resume templates. No one is talking about resume layouts which give a basic structure to your resume.

Today we will see how you can choose, apply, and change resume layouts at Prokarman resume builder.

Let me explain to you the importance of a resume layout. Most of the resumes have no resume layouts. Just sections will be displayed in a document.

Giving attention to a resume layout is very important. It will give the recruiters a direction to scan the resume in a much faster way to understand your resume content much better.

Different Resume Layouts

Below you can see 4 resume layouts that Prokarman resume builder supports. You can use these resume layouts to create resume templates for your next dream job.

different resume layouts

  1. One Column – check one page resume templates
  2. Two Columns – check two column resume templates
  3. Three Boxes – check three boxes resume templates
  4. Four Boxes – check four boxes resume templates

Applying Resume Layouts at Prokarman Resume Builder

You can change a resume layout in any resume template. Note that you should be logged in to save your resume changes and resume template changes.

apply resume layout from sidebar

  1. Login to your Prokarman dashboard.
  2. Click on a resume from the user dashboard to edit it. If you have not already created any resume click on the plus icon to create a resume.
  3. Once you click on the resume edit button, it will take you to the resume builder page where you can edit that resume.
  4. Check the sidebar on the resume builder page. You can see the layouts section. Click on the down arrow icon. You will get the layout customization options.
  5. Just click on any layout option from the list
    1. 1 Column
    2. 2 Columns
    3. 3 Boxes
    4. 4 Boxes
  6. That’s it, your resume template will now have your chosen resume layout applied.

Note: If you want to try playing with resume layouts you can go to this resume builder page and start playing around resume templates.

Resume Template with different resume layouts Variations

Resume layouts are handy in creating 1 page or 2 page resumes. Lets checkout how a resume template looks when we apply different resume layouts.

You can see how you can improve your resume when you visualize the below pictures.

Let’s look at the Dark resume template in different resume layouts.

One Column Layout

1 column resume layout with template

One Column resume layouts are very simple. It contains all the resume sections in the top to bottom style. This type of resume layouts is very often used by most of the non-technical persons and jobs that are traditional, non-creative, and simple.

This layout will eventually make your resume to be longer because you can’t use all the spacing and white space in your resume.

This type of resume layout is considered to go across more than 2 pages. All one column resume templates are free at Prokarman resume builder you can create and apply any resume template and convert into one column resume layout to use it for free. Of course, you have to remove the remaining premium features to download the resume.

Two Column Layout

2 column resume layout with template

Two column resume layouts help you to showcase more content in less space. You can use this resume layout for creating a one-page resume layout. When combined with resume grids you can fully utilize the space of the resume to display your resume content.

Three Boxes

3 boxes resume layouts with template

If you want to go with one-page resume template use three boxes layout. This will help you to create more efficient resume templates.

Four Boxes

4 boxes resume layout with template

Four Boxes resume layout is good for most of the experienced candidates. It will showcase most of the resume content in a neat 1-page resume.

You can go through this article on Quora about which is better one page vs two-page resumes

Bonus: Changing Resume Grids

You can also customize a bit on your resume grid. Prokarman provides you to customize grids.

You can apply below grid widths

  1. 1-2 grid
  2. 2-2 grid
  3. 2-1 grid

Check out the below images for more clarity.

resume layout grids

How to apply grids

  1. Follow the above steps that you have done for resume layouts.
  2. Just below resume layouts, you can find resume grids. Only 2 columns, 3 boxes, and 4 boxes resume layout have the resume grid option.



No matter what resume layout or resume template you use ultimately it all boils down to the content that is getting presented. So make sure you put up your resume content very well in front of the recruiter.

Presenting is necessary at the same time believe in yourself and create a good resume content that the job recruiter is looking for in the resume.

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