15+ Strong Resume Headline examples for your resume (updated 2018)

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[kkstarratings]Resume headline is one or two lines what will explain a recruiter about your whole resume content. It gives a hint about your resume. So it’s very important for you to put the best resume headline on your resume.

resume headline examples

resume headlines examples

Purpose of writing a resume headline

A resume tag line or headline is used to tell the recruiter about your resume in 1 or 2 lines. According to a research conducted by american researches on recruiting companies, a resume is screened at the most for 6 seconds to get an idea about the job seeker.

In that 6 seconds your resume headline will play 40% role in attracting the recruiters attention. 26% of the role is played by your skill set and 25% your experience and remaining 9% by other details.

Most of the time a recruiter scans your resume in the sequence of Profile Name, resume headline, skill set, experience …

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So it is very important for a job seeker to put a resume headline in his/her resume. Just writing a random resume headline will not do the work for you. You should think well and get into the recruiters mind on how you will react upon seeing a resume headline you have put on your resume.

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Tips for writing resume headlines for job seekers

Short resume headlines are always best

Keep the headline as short as you can. It is easy to read short lines and get to conclusion faster.

Add Keywords related to your skills and experience in resume headline

In order to get a quick grasp of your resume mention some important skills and experience in your resume headline. This will make the recruiter to dig more information from your resume.
Important Note: Don’t mention non related skills to job in the resume headline which will hurt your chances of job acquisition.

ATS(Application Tracking System) while also give you a boost if you include related skills and experience in your resume headline.

Capitalizing your resume headline will attract recruiters eyes

Keep your resume headline neat and clean. Capitalizing a sentence will make it stand out from the rest of the sentences. This will in turn attract employers eye to grab attention to resume headline.

Mention your goals related to the job you are applying

An employer always try to know the goal of the job seeker. If the job seekers goal matches to the job profile then it will a plus point in getting the job easily.

Ultimately a person who has a goal will always try to do profit the organisation. This is the motto most of the employers use in recruiting a candidate for a position in their organisation.

So try to write a resume headline that focuses on the company goal as your goal. This will work best for entry-level job seekers, people in training and fresher’s.

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Common Short Resume Headline Examples

Below are some of the short resume titles that can do the job for you. But if you want to go ahead and start to make your resume more personalized and effective then go with strong resume headline examples that we mentioned after this section.

  1. Web developer
  2. Project Manager
  3. Head Nurse
  4. Software engineer
  5. PHP Developer
  6. Business Marketing Head
  7. Administrative Assistant
  8. Branch Manager
  9. Business Analyst
  10. Office Manager

Below you can observer some of the resume headlines/titles with respective to different aspects like focusing skills, focusing experience and goal oriented. Depending upon your career you can choose which type of tagline you want to go with. Make sure you go with experience related headline if you have a good experience in your related career.

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If you are a fresher and you are trying to get an entry-level job in a reputed organisation then you have to go with skills related resume tag lines. For a fresher the employer will alway try to know what skills he possess and how well he can do if they recruit him into their company. By mentioning your skills in the tagline you will give the recruiter a good understanding of  your resume and skills.

If you have certification in your job related field then you can also mention your certifications in the tag line as given in below examples.

  1.  Certified developer in [magento 2.X].
  2. [Sales Manager] Well Versed in [Excel] and [Microsoft Access].
  3. Expertise in developing [SPA applications]
  4. Skilled professional in [training students at IIT]
  5. Strong communication, presentation, analytical and problem solving skills in [Industry].
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Experience focusing resume headline samples

  1. Job seeker with [15 Years] of [accountant] Experience
  2. [20 years] of in-depth hands-on experience in [software development]
  3. [5 years] of experience as a team leader who was responsible for [web application development]
  4. Dedicated and proactive individual with [15+ years] of experience in [human resources and recruiting]
  5. [10 Years] of Experience in [business marketing]
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Goal oriented resume headline examples

  1. Certified [industry] professional willing to promote [organisation’s mission/your goal]
  2. [Business marketing expert] with a goal of increasing organisation profits
  3. [10+ years] of experience in recruiting human resource with a goal of increasing organisation standards and profits

All the words mentioned in the square brackets([]) are placeholders you can replace them with your career related keywords.

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These are the Best Resume Headline examples that grabs recruiters attention. These strong resume headline examples can be applied to fresher, engineers, accountants, teachers and experienced job seekers resume profiles.

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