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You can use this page to generate job description examples that you can post for your company job.

This page is primarily created to help job seekers to understand how recruiters create job descriptions to hire new candidates for their company recruitment.

This page can also be used to create a new job description by considering existing job descriptions generated using this tool.

How to generate job description?

It’s very easy to generate job descriptions.

In the above tool input your industry and job title. Click on the search button. You will get redirected to the relevant job descriptions page.

If your industry and position title doesn’t appear in the select box, please be patient we are generating new content for all the industries and position titles.

You can contact us and tell us your position title we will hear your voice and update necessarily.

If you don’t know what is the job description and if you are a fresher you should definitely read further to understand clearly how the job description helps you.

What Is Job Description?

If a company wants to hire a candidate to one of it’s positions then they have to do recruitment. In the process of recruiter, they have to explain about the company and roles and responsibilities of the candidate they want to hire.

In simple words, a recruiter expresses what qualities and skills the candidate should possess in order to attend the interview.

Looking at the job description a job seeker will decide whether he is the perfect match for the job or not.

Job Description Template

Below is the job description template that you will see most of the reputed recruiters follow to write an effective job description.

[company name] is looking for a professional [position title] with [years] of experience in the field of [industry name] industry.

The roles and responsibilities  of the desired candidate are listed below

  • Effective communication skills

  • Great customer service and interpersonal skills

  • more roles and responsibilities of the job…

The examples job description could look like below.

Facebook is looking for a professional UX designer with 10+ years of experience in the field of IT industry.

The roles and responsibilities  of the desired candidate are listed below

  • Create dynamic web pages with the help of modern javascript techniques

  • Should have strong grip in the javascript, css3 and html5

  • should be a professional in designing responsive websites.