Resume Attention Grabbers – Guide, Examples and Tips

If you want to highlight some keywords in your resume and your resume section you can use our feature called attention grabbers. These attention grabbers help recruiter to catch attention for important data on your resume. So we advise you to use these attention grabbers in your resume.

What are resume attention grabbers?

resume section attention grabbers highlights important data

Attention grabbers are keywords added at the end of each resume section to attract recruiters Eyes on important data and keywords. This will also help you to stand out from the job seekers/your competitors for applying that job.

How to use resume attention grabbers?

Resume attention grabbers can be added to most of the resume sections provided for all our resume template. Important resume sections like education, skills, additional skills, experience etc have the capability to add resume attention grabbers at our online resume maker.

How to add attention grabbers to my resume?

All you have to do is enable attention grabbers for the resume section. Attention grabbers go with the name highlights/keywords for resume sections. You can enable or disable attention grabbers for your resume at any time.

resume attention grabbers

click on image to see hd image.

Note:┬áBy default attention grabbers are enabled for Education and Experience resume sections in the resume editor. If you don’t want to show attention grabbers you have to disable them at corresponding resume sections.

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