Publishing Resume Online Using Our CV Maker for Free

If you create your resume with our online cv maker tool, you have the possibility for publishing resume online or hide your resume from the rest of the world. All you have to do is complete your resume creation using our online cv maker tool and navigate to user settings. There you can find Resume Visibility field which accepts certain options. You can see 3 resume visibility options.

  • Visible
  • URL Access
  • Hidden

If you want to publish your resume online you can choose option Visible/URL Access. If visible option is selected then you have granted access to search engines to crawl your resume and index your resume in search engines.

This way when people try to search for you, your resume might come up in the search engines like google, bing and yahoo.

Note: We have provided a functionality to rank your resume in the search engines but it’s up to the search engines to rank your resume or not. Typically it will take around 2 to 5 days to rank any web page in the major search engines like google, bing or yahoo.

If you want to just get online access without being ranked in the search engines choose option URL Access. If URL Access option is selected then your resume is publicly available but search engines can’t crawl your resume and index it. Your resume will not be ranked in the search engines.

publishing resume online

If you want to hide your resume from the rest of the world then you can choose option Hidden. If you choose Hidden option for your resume visibility, you have to enter resume pin to protect your resume from online visitors. Every time you access your resume through any of the browsers you will be prompted to enter a 4 digit pin.

You can create a 4 digit pin only if you choose Hidden option for Resume visibility in the user settings page.

Why publishing resume matters?

If you are a fresher and you want to get maximum exposure of yourself then publishing resume is the best option.

Why should I hide my resume?

This is up to you.

If you have good work history in different companies and you are concerned about your resume data privacy then you can opt for putting your resume private.

When ever you want to show your resume to the recruiter share your resume url with the 4 digit pin. If the recruiter is interested in your resume then he will use the 4 digit pin code and gain access to your resume.

You can easily change your resume pin at any time by recreating a different resume pin in the user settings page.


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