Primary & Secondary Resumes? – What You Should Know!

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primary secondary resumes difference

As you can create more than 1 resume in account for free, we have categorised resumes in to primary and secondary to make you feel comfortable and manage your resumes efficiently. Primary and secondary resumes is a terminology used by us to categorise resumes you create at

Differences between Primary and Secondary resumes at Make Resume Online

primary secondary resumes example

primary secondary resumes example


Primary Resumes

  • Unique. You can create only one primary resume.
  • You can’t convert primary to secondary resume but you can convert secondary resume to primary resume.
  • Your online identity.
  • You can download Resume and Cover Letter PDF for Primary Resumes.
  • You can’t delete your primary resume.
  • Indexable in search engines.
  • By default your first resume created will be primary resume.

Secondary Resumes

  • Backup’s or extra resumes. If you are multi talented(We know you are) so secondary resumes will come in handy for you to create resume for your extra skill set and will help you to quickly apply for jobs.
  • You can convert secondary resumes into primary resume at any time. Click on secondary button to make it primary. See above image.
  • You can not download Resume and Cover Letter PDF for secondary resumes but you can convert primary to secondary and then download your resumes.
  • Not Indexable in search engines.

Primary resume is very important. You only have one primary resume for an account in You may have multiple secondary resumes up to 4 in a free account at

So we encourage you to use these primary and secondary resumes efficiently and manage your resumes maximize your job opportunities. Get your dream job quick with the help of our online resume builder.

In most situations you don’t need the help of secondary resumes to get a job. If you are really interested in making the most out of you and want to try out different skill set in your life then you can use the secondary resumes that we provide.

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