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Technically speaking creating a resume online with a resume builder tool will make your resume management so easy. Here I will tell you some of the online resume builder benefits and advantages.

You will get shocked when you see the number of advantages you get by using an online resume builder to create your next resume.

We have built an online resume builder with the principles stated at Standford and Harvard universities.

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Create multiple resumes that target individual company job descriptions

You can create multiple resumes at an online resume builder. With prokarman you can create up to 5 resumes for free. This is one of the best online resume builder benefits that prokarman provides to its users.

If a company like Qualcomm lists a relevant job on its career page, you can quickly customize your existing resume to suit the company job description and apply to it. There will be thousands of people competing for that single job.

You can take advantage and apply to that single competitive job and grab the opportunity. Most of the time the vacancies will be limited and most of the MNC companies will stop accepting applications if they cross a certain amount of applications received.

This situation arises with every company. So get benefited by online resume builder to get first-mover advantage.

job description details

Above is a screenshot that I have got from a company with a job requirement.

They state clearly what is the job description and the role of the job seeker. Most of the time companies only want to recruit a candidate if he has relevant job experience that the company needs.

Go through the job description of the company and quickly make changes to your resume and apply at the companies career website. Creating multiple resumes comes in handy to target resumes for this kind of job description.

You will have a better chance to get shortlisted and get the call for the job interview.

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Quick Resume Template customizations

Believe me, It is very hard to design a new resume in a word or any other software. It takes hours of time to create a resume and make it stand out.

manage resume section free resume builder

But if you go with an online resume builder you will definitely thank the resume maker tool.

You will get all the resume templates that you can apply to your resume with just one click. You can try playing with different resume templates. Can you imagine that? You are benefited with a lot of time that you waste in designing your resume.

Supposing you have not created your resume using an online resume builder. If a recruiter says your resume design is not optimal, you should altogether start designing it from the start. If you go with an online resume template. You are just one click away in changing a resume template.

This is called smart work. What do you say? comment below.

Compare this step with the creation of your resume in the word. If you want to change a resume format upon the advice of your friend or family members, you should altogether format it again.

No No No that is a serious waste of time. Otherwise you can utilize that time in preparing for your interview.

Isn’t it?

I advise you to stop creating resumes manually in the word and start to use a free online cv builder.

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Friendly suggestions on how to improve your resume

A best resume builder tool will always help it’s users to create better resumes. Like Prokarman resume builder, you will get resume suggestions in making your resumes better looking.

Our online resume builder provides friendly suggestions to improve your resume using our resume scorecard. Yet another best online resume builder benefits that prokarman provides to its users.

resume builder scorecard

It will cover all the aspects that are good to follow create a better resume in less time.

Focus on your resume content and we will handle all rest of the things — Prokarman

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Easily rectify mistakes

Ok now you are at the interview place and have just found out a typo or mistake in your resume that you have created and designed manually.

Now, what to do? If the recruiter finds out that silly mistake on your resume then it will account to a bad first impression.

This should not be happening just before the time your interview begins. All tensions start building up in you.

This problem can be easily solved when you craft a resume with an online resume builder. Just login to your resume builder and correct that mistake and all set.

You can instantly get a hardcopy of your PDF resume and you are good to go. You have easily solved a problem that will make you happy and boost your self-confidence and focus on the interview.

Confidently attend the interview.

Believe me this little happiness in solving a problem immediately will help you a lot to focus on your job interview.

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creating resumes, again and again, is a nightmare

you have attended an interview in the past and unfortunately you got rejected.

With that little experience you got in that interview you can tweak your resume and remove negative things that affected you in your last interview.

This small change will seriously help you in getting a new job easily. If you know the 80/20 rule or Pareto principle then you will definitely agree with me. What does the Pareto principle states…

For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Let’s break down the Pareto principle. In simple words it states 80% of the outcome, in any event, comes from the 20% of input you give.

So if you do this kind of small improvements to your resume then you will definitely reach your dream job. This is also one of the most used online resume builder benefits.

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Access from any device from anywhere

You will enjoy this service very much. If you create a resume online using a resume builder then you can access it from any device which has an internet connection.

This will make your life easy to manage resumes effectively without compromising your time in editing resumes again and again. However, most common resume builders provide this online resume builder benefit out of the box.

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No need to take a hardcopy of your resume

Recruiters want to make everything simple somethings. If you give them an online resume URL instead of a hardcopy of your resume.

You will definitely stand out from the others.

It will be easy to get the information from the online resume than the hardcopy. There might be chances of losing or forgetting your hardcopy but not the online resume.

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Store and publish your resume online

The main advantage of creating your resume online is to publish your resume online. We provide a feature of publishing your resume on our website. After completion of editing the resume, navigate to

publish resume online resume builder

Publish resume online at prokarman resume builder

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Create multiple resumes and duplicate resumes easily

Creating a resume copy of the existing resume is very easy at Prokarman. This is also another unique feature provided by us. With this feature you can target individual companies and create a resume that focuses on the company that you are attending an interview.

prokarman resume builder user dashboard

This way you can increase chances of getting hired quickly. It will show you how dedicated you are for getting a job in that company.

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A company is trying to fill a position immediately you will be lucky

Since your resume visibility is visible to search engines by default, your resume will get maximum exposure to the world. According to a survey conducted by Stanford university around 60% of the job hiring conducted by the recruiters use search engines, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to scan the candidate they are looking to hire for.

If your resume is visible to the search engines. Then the recruiters will directly get the professional information that they need and you will be lucky to get selected easily.

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No hassle in formatting and styling resumes

Most of our customs provide feedback saying that they love our resume builder because it is saving them a lot of time in formatting and styling resumes.

Really formatting and styling a resume is a big headache and a time-consuming task. Here we will handle everything, all you have to do is just start to concentrate on what is required to fill in the resume.

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No other software required except a browser

If you have a browser like Google chrome then that’s all you require to create professional resumes online. We don’t insist you install any paid software like Microsoft Word or other software to create your resume. Just open the browser and navigate to our website then you are in the right place.


So we conclude saying that its a much better approach to start creating your resume online instead of creating it in the word template. You will have all the above-mentioned advantages and benefits that you get if you make your resume online.

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