Manage/Show/Hide Resume Fields in Prokarman Resume Editor

Consider this scenario, you wanted to show a picture in your resume and the resume doesn’t support putting any picture on it.

manage resume fields

Our resume builder is so powerful that you can change any bit of your resume. Today we will see how you can efficiently manage all your resume fields in your resume.

By The Way What are Resume Fields?

If you use our resume builder you can see a pattern in all the resume sections. title, summary, start date, end date, ratings etc. All these are called resume fields. In fact anything that is editable on the resume editor is a resume field. You can show or hide them if you want by using our resume toolbar available in the sidebar.

How To Show or Hide Resume Fields in Prokarman Resume Editor?

You have a provision to show or hide any of the resume field on Prokarman resume editor.

Consider below scenario…

You don’t want to show start date and end date in your Experience Resume section. All you have to do is locate Experience Panel in the sidebar under Layout > Reorder Resume Sections. In Experience panel you can click on settings/gear icon. It will open advance settings for Experience panel. You can see start date and end date which has toggle options. If you click on that toggle button besides start date or end date you can show or hide respective resume field. See below picture for clear understanding…

manage resume fields


Consider another peculiar scenario…

Now you only want to hide start date and end date of one of your work history company. So how do we do that?

It’s simple.

Make sure you enable start date and end data in the sidebar Experience panel. This will show start date and end date in Experience resume section in the resume editor. Now click on the title of the company where for which you want to hide start date and end date. A toolbar will popup. Click on the settings/gear icons. Here all the options are specific to that section item. So you can toggle respective resume field here to show/hide them. NOTE that for this to work you should have enabled the start date or end date in the Experience panel in the sidebar. These are global togglers which will show/hide the resume fields for entire resume section.

manage resume fields advanced

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