10+ Job Search Engines To Apply Jobs And Save Time

Below are some of the list of top 10 job search engines where you can post your resume to get new job interview calls.

You will be amazed by how many job offers you get when you expose your resume to the market in these job search websites during this year.

At the same time, don’t try to upload your resume on each and every job portal that comes in the way. Please check the reputation of the job search engine and take the next steps. We have compiled a list of top 10 job search engines to reduce your work. Thank us in the comments if these websites are useful to you in any way.

You should also work on improving your skills to get a competitive job in the market which can give you more salary compensation.

The Deeper You Dig, The More You Find

The above statement is very much true in any case. If you dig deeper you get more oil. You get more opportunities to get into the best job.

Top #10: SimplyHired

Website: Simplyhired

Simplyhired recruitment platform helps many companies to hire new employees in simple steps.

simplyhired recruitement platform

It also has a good job search engine where you can filter your jobs for your needs and interest. Companies post their job openings frequently in this online job search engines. Millions of users use this online job portal for getting interview calls.

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Top #9: Naukri

naukri online job portal

This is an Indian job portal where can you apply for jobs. Most of the Indian job seekers use this online recruitment job portal.

If you are an Indian citizen or want to work in India you can go to this website and create a profile.

Update your information and resume. Once Naukri algorithms crawl and understand your resume and uploaded information you will start getting the job calls.

We insist freshers also to create a good resume and upload their resume at Naukri to get good placements in top companies

Don’t forget to update your working phone number.

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Top #8: Upwork

Website: Upwork

upwork job search engine

Upwork. Its tag line is super attractive, In-demand talent on demand. Not only full time or part-time jobs people can also search for freelancer jobs at upwork.com.

If you are willing to work as a freelancer then you should also know this. Upwork will charge you a nominal fee when you work with any client via Upwork. It’s fee ranges from 5% to 20% depending upon the tenure of the work you get from the client.

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Top #7: Zip Recruiter

Website: ZipRecruiter

ziprecruiter online job portal

Ziprecruiter has a lot of Knowledgebase for a job seeker to dig in. You can search through zip recruiters jobs, search salaries, search job seeker reviews. They also provide job seeker support where you can get a good assistant in getting your next job.

Ziprecruiter has a good ecosystem of job seekers and employers. Here employers can post jobs and job seekers can find jobs at the sample place. You should create an account at ZipRecruiter to search for jobs. Zip recruiter stands at the 7th position in our top 10 job search engines list.

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Top #6: Google jobs

Website: Google Job Search

google job search engine

Google is one of the biggest brands in recent times. We believe in Google more then we believe in us.

Google has a job search engine which aggregates all the job listings from major job search engines. It knows your location so it will get all the related jobs nearby you. Most of the time you can see Google job listings in the Google home page itself if you use any job-related query in Google’s search bar. Google jobs take 6th position in our top 10 job search engines list.

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Top #5: Facebook Jobs

Website: Facebook Job Search

facebook job search engine

Most of the job search engines are location specific. Similarly, you can find facebook jobs more relevant to your job location. Facebook is one of the best brands that we all know.

You can directly go to facebook.com career locations and start your job journey. Choose your location and the Facebook job search engine will start showing you related jobs to your field. Facebook jobs stand at the 5th position in our top 10 job search engines list.

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Top 4: Glassdoor

Wesite: Glassdoor Jobs

glassdoor jobs search engine

Most of the time I visited Glassdoor only to know the salaries provided by top companies. Recently I came to know glassdoor is one of the best job search engines out there. Companies post jobs in the glassdoor and job seekers can apply them directly with will redirect back to the company website.

the drawback of this job search engine is that you have to log in to check the job listings. Some of the job searches will give you a preview of how you can apply filters and narrow the results of the jobs.

Only when you are satisfied with the job results and want to apply to a job then a website will ask you to log in. But glassdoor as restricted all job search results only to logged-in users. Due to its massive popularity in the job market glassdoor stands at 4th position in our top 10 job search engines list.

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Top #3: Careerbuilder

Website: CareerBuilder Jobs

careerbuilder job search engine

CareerBuilder has a good reputation and one of the oldest job search engines I know. You will get give results for any job type you search on the CareerBuilder site.

This online job search engine is very useful for applying for international jobs. Probably, this website is one of the most visited job search websites in the United States. Approximately CareerBuilder gets around 18 – 20 million visitors monthly. This website stands at the top 3rd place in our top 10 job search engines list.

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Top #2: Indeed

website: Indeed Job Portal

indeed job search online portal

Indeed provides you many tools like job search, resumes, company reviews for managing your job search. This job portal is one of the reputed online job posting portals where you can post your resume and update your information to get job calls and attend an interview.

Indeed makes it easy to update your information on their site.

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Top #1: LinkedIn

Website: Linkedin

linkedin best online job portal

Linkedin in the best job search engine in the world. Moreover, LinkedIn is also the best social networking site for job seekers and employers.

This website gets job seekers and employers together. It facilitates a huge amount of business online by connecting the right persons online. Any company that is doing good business will have a good presence in the LinkedIn job site.

Most of the companies HR rely on LinkedIn to connect with the job seekers that they want to hire for their company’s positions.

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Bonus List of Job Search Websites for Techies

Here are some bonus job boards if you are a techie. You can try your luck with the below websites to get some good jobs at reputed companies.

Stackoverflow jobs

Website: Stackoverflow Jobs

stackoverflow online job portal

if you are in the technical field then you will know about stackoverflow.com. This website is like a heart to the technology industry. You get solutions for some stubborn questions in minutes. Stackoverflow users help each other by answering technical questions they have experienced in their life.

Stackoverflow has jobs board which is very much helpful for a technical job seeker. You can try your luck by uploading your resume to Stackoverflow.

Vuejs jobs

Website: Vuejs Jobs

vue jobs - jobs search engine

Vuejs is a JavaScript framework. If you are a techie and you have good knowledge of JavaScript and web technologies you can try your luck with vuejs jobs. These job boards are very keen on technical skills and will pay huge salaries if recruiters think you are the perfect candidate for their company.


Make sure you create a perfect resume before uploading anything to the above online job search engines. You should also do research for the specific job descriptions, prepare on that job, create a resume according to that job description, and then start uploading resumes and related information to these online job search engines.

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