Job Interview Tips: 10+ Tips for Cracking a Job interview

Are you a jobseeker? Having a Job interview coming up? Relax! don’t panic! You have landed at the right place, Candidates attending the job interview, let your jitters be and fight them. Below are some of the job interview tips we have put forward for you to achieve your dream job easily.

job interview tips

In order to overcome the nervousness, this article will help you to boost your confidence for a  job interview by following the best tips and tricks. A job interview is one of the most difficult tasks to perform for jobseekers.

Review your resume before attending a job interview

Job Interview Tip #1

Before cracking any job interview the main important thing is Resume, as you know the first impression matters make sure to create the first impact by the recruiter to review on you.

Choose the right resume format(check out with our resume samples and create your resume) as it showcases the summary of your skills. Check spellings and grammar, mention the most important information in the resume, pick a dynamic template and keep your format consistent.

Self-evaluation is a good thing, evaluate your resume twice and thrice. Also, have a couple of copies of your resume, this shows how well you are organized.

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Research the organization

Job Interview Tip #2

It is good to know everything before attending any place. According to surveys, this is the biggest mistake by a candidate not knowing about the organization.

While attending/applying the company, interviewers expect whether you are curious and interested in their organization, it is important to have the baseline knowledge about the company. Recruiter might cross-examine you by asking questions about his company. Just talk to the recruiter about the company goals and annal growth of the company which will satisfy the recruiter.

job interview tip 2

So start digging by visiting the company website, use a search engine, read reviews online browse social media, etc. Wonder them by telling the awards won by them for their efforts.

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Analyze the job description

Job Interview Tip #3

Job analysis is the process of gathering information about the role and responsibilities for the particular job position you are applying for.

job interview tip 3

Also, know about the salary and compensation before attending the interview. Look for the job title, Skills, Qualification, Experience, and the purpose of a job. Check whether you are eligible for a particular role.

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Pick your outfit

Job Interview Tip #4

Make the first best impression by choosing the appropriate outfit, You never get a second chance to make the first impression on how you look.

It makes more sense while you are facing the interview, Make sure you are in tune with the company policy. Certain industries have different cultures, some companies expect only professionals attire while other companies are okay with the casual’s, do your laundry a day before, Stay away from too much jewelry.

job interview tip 4

Dress according to the company dress code, company culture, Role of the job and feel comfortable in your dress. Here’s a perfect outfit guide for men and women.

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Punctuality matters

Job Interview Tip #5

Punctuality is not only being on-time it’s basically about respecting your own commitments. Punctuality is important in all aspects of life.

It is a sign of professionalism being punctual makes your reputation good and has a positive vibe on you and shows you as a consistent worker.

timing in getting a job

Being late to an interview indicates you don’t pay attention to the important things and gives such an impression that you don’t respect another person’s time. so It is good to arrive 15 minutes early for an interview.

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Greet your interviewer

Job Interview Tip #5

Hide your fear with a confident smile on your face. Follow some basic etiquettes, show your gratitude by greeting your interviewer.

greet your interviewer

Take a deep breath before you enter the interview room. Give a firm handshake and say “hello good morning sir/madam”(depending upon the time of the day) It’s a great pleasure to meet you, and introduce yourself, this shows your confidence level.

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Pro Job Interview Tip: The right amount of eye contact

Job Interview Tip #6

Eye contact is a strong indicator of confidence. Make the right amount of eye contact after you enter the room, but too much eye contact could result in terrifying.

While the interviewer asks you the questions don’t look away as it shows inattentive, convey interested attention and sit in a good posture have natural eye contact throughout the interview but please don’t stare as it would be weird.

In case, if you are interviewed by more than a one-person, don’t worry make eye contact with the one who asks you a question and you need to answer.

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Type of interview you need to know

Job Interview Tip #7

There are several types of interviews going on, such as group interviews, behavioral interviews, panel interviews, Phone interviews, video interviews, face-to-face interviews, online interviews and some of the interviews will be held during a meal.

Ask your recruiter and know well in advance to which type of interview you are going to face, so plan and prepare according to it. Take care of your tone of voice, don’t be too loud or too low, also maintain correct body language.

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Pro Job Interview Tip: Practice the most common job interview questions

Job Interview Tip #8

It is good to practice the common questions asked by the interviewer. Even every interviewer asks different types of questions, questions may vary but there are a few frequent questions that you should be very confident and able to answer.

Here are some of the examples that you will face in a job interview

Job Interview Tip #9

  • Can you tell a little about yourself?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • what are your salary expectations?
  • how do you handle stress and pressure?

Be prepared for these types of questions. Put your answers simply but don’t memorize them.

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Practice for mock interviews for job interview

Job Interview Tip #10

As the old saying practice makes perfect, before attending the job interview to avoid stress and tension take some of the mock interviews with the professional career counselor before an actual job interview, take expert’s honest feedback and try to improve them so that you will boost your self-confidence. There are several online mock interviews available to job seekers.

In case, you are not in a situation to take mock interview online there is another way you can set up your own mock interview with the help of a family member or a friend provide them your copy of resume, assume your friend/family member is an actual interviewer dress in interview attire be professional and follow all the above steps.

The more you practice and prepare the more you feel comfortable at the time of the actual job interview.

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Build your checklist

Job Interview Tip #11

Last but not least, do keep in mind the above steps and follow them accordingly avoid hurry and feel pressure-free. Leave your nervousness behind the door before entering the interview panel. Prepare your own checklist and check twice everything.

interview checklist

It is a good thing to keep all your materials like before you attend the job interview panel.



extra portfolio of your resume,

have some cash handy, these are easy things to carry.

job interview tips

Be sure you have everything ready to get everything ready before one day. Know your interview location well before have a contact number of the recruiter schedule your time and arrive early.

Once your interview is done do thank your interviewer for giving you the opportunity with a good smile on your face, this indicates a good etiquette. Just believe in yourself, beat the competition give your best and the success will be yours.

Do follow these job interview tips before attending your job interview. Good Luck!

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