Indian Resume format – Samples, Tips, Examples and Guide

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We have got a lot of requests to put up a guide for Indian Resume Format. So here is a complete a to z guide all you need for Indian Resume format with samples, tips and examples.

indian resume format sample

indian resume format sample

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Most of our traffic is from India. 1000’s of people create resumes at our free online cv maker website. Today we want to talk on resumes sections most of the Indian job seekers forget to put in their resumes.

They also do some minor mistakes in choosing the correct indian resume format without knowing their recruiters intention. Most of the Indian recruiters look for some specific sections on a resume. Indian resume format must contain below listed resume sections and fields.

Objective Resume Section is necessary in Indian Resume Format

Indian population is huge and even unemployment is also very huge in India. Indian recruiters get a lot of resumes for one single job post. They will try to screen the application and cut down as much as they can.

If you don’t put objective in your resume then it will be a hard time for the recruiter to go through entire resume and figure whether you fit for the job or not.

So this is the reason why we always suggests our Indian users to add an objective resume section to their resume.

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Profile Summary Resume Section

Profile summary also give a lot of advantage to the job applications because this profile summary contains some good hits that recruiters need in order to reject or give a call to the job applicant.

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Work Experience Resume Section

This is the main resume section that every recruiter will go through. If you don’t put your work experience as one of your resume sections then your resume will straight forward get rejected in the initial resume scan. Though this is not the case for the fresher’s.

Mentioning your work experience in reverse chronological order(latest work experience first and old last) will give good overview of your work experience. Not only in Indian resume formats but work experience resume section is important for every resume format.

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Skills Resume Section

Relevant job skills and relevant work experience is the only thing that catches in Indian recruiters. So you have to give very importance to both the resume sections. When we talk about skills in resume. You should put all the skills that you have worked and learning in your past working companies.

indian resume format company skill requirements

This can suggest Indian recruiters that you are a real experienced candidate and not a fake one. Most of the recruiters compare work experience and relevant skills resume section in order to judge whether a candidate is putting a fake experience or not.

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Education Resume Section is necessary in Indian Resume Format

Education qualification is one of the factor to get recruited in jobs in India. Most of the recruiters do mention certain education qualification as a job criteria in order to apply for the job. If you doesn’t meet the required education qualification your resume will not be screened for further rounds.

indian resume format desired candidate profile

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Language Resume Section

NDTV says according to census more than 19500 languages are spoken in india as mother tongue. This is a huge number and now when it comes to languages in resume you should be carefull.

Don’t forget to put english language in the not place in the language resume section. Next comes your mother tongue. If you know hindi then mention it because hindi is the national language and most widely spoken language in India.

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Personal details Resume Section is necessary in Indian Resume Format

Personal details are a way to tell recruiter about yourself. In India it is the most common practise to put a personal details section in the resume section. If the recruiter thinks your profile is good to consider for the candidature then he will directly go to personal details in order to process your candidature further.

This will help indian recruiter to contact you for any queries. So adding a personal details section in an indian resume format is necessary.

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declaration (Optional if you are fresher)

Declaration is a resume section only used in Indian States. Checkout some freshers declaration statement examples. If you are a fresher I bet your teachers and parents would have insisted you to add a declaration resume section to your resume. Personally I think there is no use of declaration resume section only but to extend the content of your resume.

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A Photo makes sense on any Indian resume format

Most Indian recruiters contact LinkedIn or other online social media profiles of their job applicants in order to get more information of you. It will be very good to put your photo on cv so that your resume can look complete and full of information about your.

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Sample Indian Resume Formats and templates

Below listed are some of the sample Indian resume formats and templates that you can be interested in applying to your resume for your next job search.

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