What is Functional Resume Format & Creating Functional Resume Guide?

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What is functional resume all about?

functional resume format how to create guide

functional resume format how to create guide

A functional resume is a format of resume that simply focuses on your skills and experience mainly rather than on the chronological work history of yours.

It is generally used by those seeking jobs and is changing careers every now and then with gaps in their employment history, or whose work history is not that relevant to the job intended to pursue.

Guide to Create Functional Resume

Hereby we try to figure out a few points and guide the best way to create an effective functional resume.

Personal info

For structuring a functional resume one must first start with your contact information at the beginning which will include your name, address, date of birth and your contact number.  This is certainly the most basic fundamental ways to start a resume so that the employer can simply get hold of one’s personal data in short.

Qualifications Summary

The qualification summary should specifically include information regarding your schooling and college from where one has completed the academics with relevant dates of passing out.  It should also include all the honors received by an individual during your academic years and the other achievements relevant to it.  The data must be to the point and short.

Relevant skills

Next to qualification summary comes the column of relevant skills that is obtained by you.  In regards to functional resume format, skills come before experiences gather by you.  This is one of the most unique aspects of a functional resume.  Now in the relevant skills section, it is better to make bullet points for the different key skills that you possess.  It should be very precise and must read relevant to the position for which you intended to provide your candidature.  The bullet points must be very precise and to the point without hiding around the bushes in any form.

Professional exposure or experience

This section should read like that you have prior experience doing something, but is not to be displayed prominently.  You should remain more focused on making the fact clear that you have got enough of skill and exposure that will simply meet up with the position that you are applying for.

As a tip, if you are using the functional resume to conceal the gaps in your employment history, then it is better to spend most of your time making the first two sections as outstanding and brilliant as possible.  Any lag found to this process can surely cost your job at any given time.


It must be always kept in mind that if your degree is not simply relevant to your field for which you are providing your candidature it is better to write about your last educational achievement as something like your high school diploma or equivalent.  You should keep this section sweet and precise.  It is better to provide and showcase relevant skills gathered from training centers and other institutions.  This will simply add something to the section and will provide a nice continuity to your resume.


The resume must conclude with your aim to work hard for the organization or company that you intend to join and perform your duties as best as you possibly can.  This must be kept precise and must be delivered in such a way that your resume will reflect your sincerity and dedication towards the post and a true commitment towards the job offered.

The functional resume format is thus so much different from that of the chronological resume format making a distinct difference between each other.

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