Free Resume Builder with 101+ Free Resume Templates and Features

Prokarman is a Free Resume Builder that has tons of resume builder features that other resume builders don’t offer or dare to build one like this. You can literally edit any part of your resume by just one click.

Creating a free resume is easy but impressing a recruiter is the ice breaker

Let’s dive into knowing some of the best resume builder features that Prokarman offers. See below…

Create Own Resume Templates with our free resume builder

Yes you read it correctly. You can now create a whole new resume using our free resume builder.

Writing is easy designing resume is difficult

We also provide ready made resume templates, this is optional where you can quickly start to craft your resume with our ready made resume templates library.

If you want to create a resume template from the scratch you can do that only with Prokarman resume builder.

No other free resume builder in the world will give you an option to create your own resume template from the scratch. Yes, Microsoft word is an optional where it doesn’t come into free online resume builders category. It’s a software altogether.

This will make you stand out from the people who use online resume templates even from those people who create resumes using our ready made resume templates. Isn’t that good to be unique in the world.

  1. Create a new resume in your account.
  2. Add a base resume template from the existing resume templates.
  3. Apply resume layout
  4. Change resume section heading styles
  5. Add Colors
  6. Apply Background Images
  7. Use custom Fonts

That’s it you have created your a new resume template with Prokarman free resume builder by following above steps. Comment below if you really liked this feature.

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Save Created Resume Templates for free

Not only to create your own resume templates but also you can now save those newly created resume template to your account for future use.

This feature will make you work even easier to create resume templates and use them for different companies you wanted to apply and get placed. Make sure you design resume differently for each company that you wanted to apply and notice the difference.

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4 Resume Layouts for a resume

resume layouts at prokarman resume builder

Resume Layout Switching at Prokarman Resume Builder

Jumping into resume layouts, we provide 4 different types of resume layouts out of the box for every resume template. You can change between these resume layouts in each resume template.

Each resume layout has it’s significance in the job industry. You can optimize your resume our resume layouts by relating with chronological resume format, functional resume format and reverse chronological resume formats.

Below listed are the resume layouts:

  1. One Column
  2. Two Column
  3. Three Boxes
  4. Four Boxes

What happen’s when I change a resume layout

The important thing that happens is  all the resume sections will reorder them self to adjust within the  space of the resume layout.

When you change a resume layout it will automatically save your changes.

At times you might have to reorder the resume sections to adjust for the chronological resume format, functional resume format or reverse chronological resume format.

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20+ Resume Section Heading Styles in a Free Resume Builder

Resume section headings are one of the important factors which attract recruiters attention when he is scanning your resume.

Resume Heading Styles - free resume builder

Resume Heading Styles

We have provided more than 20+ resume heading styles to change for each resume template that you can edit in Prokarman resume builder.

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Unlimited Colors

free resume editor colors

Resume Colors switching at our free resume builder

We provide unlimited color customizations for your resume template. You can edit colors of the resume section heading, Background of resume section heading, resume color and dynamic resume section icons colors.

Though we provide no limitation on the resume colors we insist you to only stick with two colors for your resume. At max you can use 3 colors but not more than that.
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Dynamic Resume sections

Dynamic resume sections are one of the major success factors of Prokarman free resume builder. We have categories some resume sections as dynamic resume sections where you can use special resume section templates for them.

dynamic free online resume editor

Change Resume Section Styles

These dynamic resume sections bring life to your resume designs has they can take any form based based on the resume design.

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No Restriction on adding any resume section

We offer more than 20+ resume sections to add to your resume.

best resume builder resume sections list

Total Resume Sections List at Prokarman Resume Builder

Below listed are the resume sections that we support.

  1. Personal Info (Header of the resume)
  2. Summary
  3. Objective
  4. Education
  5. Experience/Work
  6. Skills
  7. Additional Skills
  8. Awards
  9. Projects
  10. Volunteer
  11. Certifications
  12. Strengths
  13. Interests
  14. References
  15. Courses
  16. Software
  17. Publications
  18. Contacts
  19. Personal Details
  20. Resume Declaration
  21. Additional Activities

All above mentioned resume sections are free to use in our resume builder.

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Edit Almost all fields in resume template

manage edit resume fields online resume editor

We provide our users to edit any resume field on the resume editor. This makes it very useful for the resume builder users to add want content is needed. Soon we will also provide resume content creation suggestions according to the profession they wanted to get in.

In the future it will be very easy to create a resume by making use of our AI powered resume suggestions. We will soon integrate this feature into our free online resume builder.

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Edit a resume template but don’t fill in forms

We hate filling up lengthy forms. We don’t want our users to get form filling kind of experience at our site. So we have build this free resume builder for you. Edit as if you are editing your resume template. All the data is saved on the fly and just click on download PDF button to download your resume in PDF format.

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Apply PDF page breaks at any point

PDF page breaks in a resume is a definitely needed feature that most of our users have asked for. We have provided this feature to make sure you build your split your resume in to number of pages.

resume pdf page breaks in online resume builder

Applying Resume PDF Page Breaks



With the help of PDF page breaks you can apply a page break before any resume section.

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Share Resume Online for Free

You also have the option to share your resume to any one on the internet. Just make sure you make one of your resumes as default resume.

Go to profile page to update your cv url.

publish resume online resume

Publish resume online at Prokarman resume builder

You can do this action in the dashboard by clicking on the make default button on respective resume. Any account can have only one default resume. That default resume will be listed on the URL[username].

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Finally Our Resume Builder is Free to Use

Currently Prokarman is a free resume builder. Help yourself now. Start signing up with no credit card required.

The point of making our resume builder free is that most of the people don’t know how to present them self in front of the recruiters. By means of our free resume builder we wanted to help them.

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New Features coming soon …

we are constantly updating our resume builder application with new features. Currently we are having a road map of adding below new features to Prokarman resume builder.

  1. Auto Suggestions for the resume section content.
  2. Proofread your resume content for spelling mistakes.
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