Free Online CV Maker Features [Try 20+ Premium CV Templates]

[kkstarratings]Our easy interactive free online CV Maker gives you ton of features that most of the cv resume makers out there fail to provide. Check below list of features we provide to our users. No credit card and sign up payments required to create your resume online. It’s all free.

free online cv maker features

Create 5 CV’s for free

By creating a free account at Make Resume Online you will  instantly get access for creating 5 free resumes. Other CV builders will charge you for creating or applying premium resume templates. All our resume templates are professional looking resume templates.

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Try 20+ Premium CV Templates for Free

You can apply more than 20 premium CV templates for free. All you have to do is just sign-up at our cv maker. No credit card required. Click on quick settings button and you will see cv templates that you can apply for free to your resume. All cv templates at our cv maker are designed by professional graphic designers.

Create Your CV Now for Free!

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Duplicate CV’s at ease

Start creating and customizing resumes for every company you want to apply. You will have option to duplicate current resume and customize it according to the company to which you are attending interview. This will help you to target your dream company to get your dream job.

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100+ premium CV Template customizations

We provide you ample amount of editing options to customize your cv templates as you want. It will provide a lot of cool editing features like

  • 20+ different cv heading styles
  • Customizing font size.
  • Editing Resume Section Icons from Icon library.
  • Change resume icon sizes.
  • Apply different colors for Icons.
  • Apply different colors for Text.
  • Apply Resume fonts.
  • Apply background images to resumes.
  • Change line height of your resume. Increase or decrease the spacing between the sentences of your resume text.
  • Reorder resume sections as you prefer.
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20+ Custom CV Heading Styles for free

Our CV templates are compatible to change different headings styles for your resume. Other CV builders don’t provide capability to customize CV section headings. This will give your resume new look when you apply different heading styles. You can apply heading background, change icons, change heading styles etc.

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Our Free Online CV Maker is ATS compliant

You have the option to preview and download the resume after you complete customizing your resume. Our resume pdfs are ATS compliant. This means your resume is easily scanned/understandable by the robots.

Now a days around 75% of the corporate companies depend on ATS software which will evaluate all resumes of their interview attenders. Instead of a human analysing resumes, a robot will be analysing the resume here. For a bot all it requires it to find the correct keywords for the job. If your resume is not scannable by the bots then you are rejected in the initial stages.

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Quick Settings – Change CV Templates and settings with a click

You have the option to change your cv format/cv template at any time you want. Resume Quick settings is the new feature we have launched recently. With one simple click you can change your cv template and cv settings at any time.

Free Online CV Maker Features - resume quick settings

You can further customize your resume settings like fonts, templates, headings after applying quick settings. No need to edit again or create a new resume for changing the format of the resume.

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Our Online CV Maker gives resume hosting for free

You get access to the public version of your CV at Check this example: . Replace Username with your username and you will see your resume online hosted at our servers.

You can share your resume url online and any one can see your resume. By default your CV while be indexed by the major search engines. You also have options to control the visibility of resume through user settings page after logging in to dashboard.

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Make CV private and use pin to access CV online

Privacy and Data Integrity is very important. You will have full control over your resume visibility. After logging in to your dashboard, navigate to user settings page and check resume visibility section. There you can generate a 4 digit pin for your resume.

host protect resume online with pin - Free Online CV Maker Features

After generating pin, your resume will be protected with that resume pin. If you want to show your resume to others you can share that pin to them and ask them to go through resume.

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All CV/resume sections are free to apply to any resume templates

Most of the free online cv makers in the market give limited option for adding resume sections to resumes. We are giving you all resume sections for free of cost.

You can add any resume section at any time to your resume. Other CV makers will ask you to upgrade your account by paying money to add certain resume sections like award, references etc.

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Free CV Maker with photo templates

With every template in our cv maker you can upload your photo to resume. Our free online visual cv maker has some good photo editing support. You can rotate, flip and zoom your photo according and adjust to suit our resume template.

add photo resume - free online cv maker with photo

free online cv maker with photo

Create Photo CV for free!

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Instant CV previews

You can instantly preview your resume at any time you want while customizing your resume by clicking preview button at our free online cv maker. You will get a public link to your resume after creating resume.

You can share that online resume url with your friends, family members and colleagues.

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Instant CV downloads

If you think you have completed customizing your resume then you can download your resume by clicking the download button at our online cv creator page. At our online cv maker get pdf for free.

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Recommend a feature we will add it to our CV maker

You are always welcome to recommend any changes that you want us to improve for our free online cv maker app. We will hear your words and get back to you if that recommendation is valid and useful for other people and abide to our terms and conditions. You can contact us and rate us right from our cv maker page.

Our perfect cv maker app is the only thing you will ever need to create a resume online.

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Our builder is rated as best free online professional cv maker by many of our users. Try our cv builder and rate us. You are getting plenty of premium cv templates for free and you can even customize them at your own choice.

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