English CV, Write CV in English Language – Tips, Free CV Templates

english cv writing

english cv writing

Writing an english cv is a cumbersome task for people who don’t know standard english language. English is a  tool of communication round the world. English is the most spoken language in the world. If you are not good at english here are some of the tips that you can follow to create cv in english language. Below tips will help you to create english cv in no matter of time.

Check Grammar – English is different in different places

To which place you are applying for a job matters. If your job place is in USA then you should follow USA English language. American english is also called as USA english, don’t get confused. If the job you are applying is in United Kingdom, then follow UK English.

If you encounter any problem in understanding grammar in english or meaning of a word in english check the online english dictionary

Choose a CV template for creating your english CV

Template gives a structure to your CV. Presenting your CV data is very important. Deciding what information should go where on the CV is also very crucial. So cv templates should be chosen carefully.

Checkout our free cv maker features. We offer more than 20+ cv templates at our online english cv resume builder where you can create and save your cv online for free. First navigate to our free online cv builder and choose a cv template.

Start English CV Creation with your details

Lets start with the contact details. Your basic contact details like your email, phone number and address should always go at the top of your resume.

add photo resume - free resume editor

Recruiter should easily identify your contact details in order to process your cv further. Your name which is the combination of first name and last name is very important and it has to be above your contact details.

Important CV sections to have in English Curriculum Vitae

Below are some of the most important cv sections to convince an english recruiter to call you for an interview.

Education Section

Education resume section should tell a recruiter how much you are qualified in education. Certain jobs have the requirement to hire candidates that have a specific educational qualification. Please don’t put fake educational qualification. Instead of helping you fake educational qualification will ruin your job opportunity.

english cv education section

CV Experience Section

If you have some good experience in your current job industry , highlighting your experience resume section is the first thing you have to do while creating your English CV.

english cv experience section

english cv experience section

This helps recruiter to know how well versed you are in your current job industry and take up the responsibilities of new job. For an experienced candidates adding an experience resume section will give you an advantage over other job seekers.

CV Skills Section

english cv skills section

Exposing your skills to a recruiter will help you to get your job quickly. If you make recruiter understand that you have a good skill set, acquiring job can be easy. Please don’t put any fake skill set. Interview questions will be based on the skill set that you showcase in your CV.

CV Languages Section

Language cv section is also one of the most important cv section to be added your english cv. This will help you to tell recruiter that you are good at one or more languages. Don’t forget to put English language in this cv section. Specifying your mother tongue/native language is very important.

english cv language section

english cv language section

Above mentioned are the main cv sections to qualify for an english cv. If you don’t mention even one of the above cv sections then your cv will be in danger of getting rejected by the

Proofread your english CV after completing CV writing

Spelling mistakes are very bad. If you are applying for a job then your cv should not contain any spelling mistakes. This is where proofread your english cv is very important.

Create English CV with our CV builder for free

check out our free online cv creator. Our cv creator will help you to create CV’s very easily. Just sign up for free and start creating your CV’s. We are giving access to create 5 resumes for free. This will help you to create multiple resumes with no extra cost. Customize your resumes to target your dream company and dream job.

Add a photo to CV template

If you are interested to showcase your photo on your cv then you can simply add photo to cv with one click. All our cv templates support adding photo to CV’s. A photo on CV will make sure you will get good attention by the recruiter as your cv will standout of the pile of CV’s in the recruiters hand/desk.

Creative English CV templates

Our resume builder is good enough to give you some creative resume templates. In order to create a resume template and make it memorable all you have to do is just add resume sections to the editor and start customizing it using our customization settings.

Once you are done adding all resume sections required and editing your content to them, Head Over to resume sidebar. In our resume side bar you can see a lot of customizations. From Fonts, headings to applying different resume templates you can customize all of them through our resume sidebar.

Free Online CV Maker Features - resume quick settings

if you are interested to navigate through different resume template available in our resume builder you can use our Quick setting Feature.

This feature will help you to add all the customizations at a time, giving you a creative resume template in no time. Using our ready-made resume templates as a starting point, you can customise any resume template beyond your imagination by changing the settings available it the resume sidebar of our resume editor.

Host your English CV online for free

If you build your cv using our cv builder you will get an opportunity to host your cv online for free. You can also protect your english cv with a 4 digit pin/password.

host protect resume online with pin - Free Online CV Maker Features

In case you decide to protect your cv, you have to share your 4 digit pin and your online cv url to the recruiter. Don’t worry you can change your 4 digit pin when ever you want at our cv builder user settings page.

Download sample english cv templates free

Functional cv template sample download

Chronological cv template sample download

Combinational cv template sample download


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