How To Download Resume In PDF Format

Most of the resume builders in the town will ask you to pay once after you successfully create your resume and start to download your resume PDF. Since Prokarman is a free resume builder with a free plan you can download your resume in PDF in both letter and A4 size format.

resume pdf format download

Steps to Download your resume in PDF Format

download resume pdf format

Downloading your resume at

  1. Create an account at prokarman if you don’t have at our resume builder.
  2. Login to your resume builder account and create resume by clicking on the plus icon.
  3. Once you complete editing your resume, click on the Big Green Download PDF button on the top resume toolbar.
  4. A popup modal will appear and you will have options to choose resume pdf format.
  5. Choose between A4 and Letter pdf format. By default A4 size is selected.
  6. Click on the download PDF button. That’s it wait for 10 to 15 seconds your resume will be ready to be with a preview.
  7. By default your resume will not download to your computer directly. We have saved your resume on the cloud. If you want to download your resume to your local computer click on the download my pdf button on the top of the resume preview.

Things to NOTE before you download resume in PDF format

If you see your resume in the resume preview section as not distributed correctly into pdf pages, you can always add pdf page breaks to your resume pdf.

Once you apply pdf page breaks to your resume you have to hit the Download PDF button again. Your action will once again trigger a fresh resume pdf download. Once you are satisfied with the resume layout and page distribution you can directly download to resume to your local computer.

We are creating more and more resume templates for you every day. You can simply apply your favorite resume template and download resume pdf in A4 or letter format.  Stay tuned for more premium professional resume templates.


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