Create Resume Quickly With Our Resume Quick Settings feature! 2018

We have a new resume builder app. You might be checking our old tutorial.

We have introduced a new feature called Resume Quick Settings. this feature will help you to create resume quickly under 5 minutes. This feature is the most awaited feature for most of our customers. This feature at will help all of our customers to change their resume settings with one click.

The problem!

Our users are asking us to give a way to quickly creating a resume by applying some good settings on their resume. Though resume creation doesn’t take more than 5 minutes at our resume builder applying different settings available in our resume builder did take some time. They have to figure it out what are some other good resume settings that match their taste and industry.

All different resume settings can be seen at our resume sidebar and can be fully utilizing these features is free. Utilizing all these settings will give you a good-looking resume in no time. But creating a resume by randomly applying different resume settings available at our resume sidebar is a bit time-consuming.

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The Solution – create resume quickly with resume quick settings

One of our customers has advised us to create a one click button for applying different resume settings like applying heading color, resume title color, showing icons, icon color background resume image. It was a fantastic idea and we quickly updated our resume app with the new feature and we called it Resume Quick Settings.

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Applying quick settings to my current resume

If you are on our resume editor page. All you have to do is just click on the quick settings button available above the resume editor.

create resume quickly - quick settings button

This will bring us a modal with grid of quick resume settings. We have given some unique names to different resume quick settings to remember it well. Check out vivid quick resume settings which is most used resume quick settings on our resume builder

Once you reach the quick settings modal just click on the apply button visible on the thumbnails. This will ask you to confirm whether to apply this resume settings or not. Click Yes and quick settings have been applied to your current resume.

create resume quickly - resume quick settings

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What does resume quick settings do?

Resume quick settings is a way to apply different resume settings quickly on our resume builder. With one click button you can apply premium resume styles to your resume easily with $0 cost. More over you can switch between different resume quick settings that we provide you by default.

Below are the resume settings that we change when you update your current resume by clicking on the quick settings button.

  1. Resume Template
  2. Resume Heading Color
  3. Resume Heading Background
  4. Resume Heading Style
  5. Enable/Disable Resume Heading Icons
  6. Resume Heading Icons color
  7. Font Family
  8. Font Size
  9. Font line Height
  10. Resume Background Image

In short we will change most of the resume settings and will make your resume look like a premium resume given at $0.

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Can we customize further over a resume quick-setting

Yes, of course. You can start with one of our quick settings and customize beyond that with the help of our customizable options in the sidebar.

You are well come to even suggest us some of the quick settings with different resume designs. Your creativity is the only limit of this new feature that we are releasing today.

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This new feature eventually will give you fine grip on your resume settings and will save you a lot of time. You can apply these settings to any of your resumes whether it is primary or secondary resume.

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