Create Resume For Free In 3 Steps With Premium Resume Templates

We are very much excited to announce our resume quick settings feature. This feature will help you to create resume for free faster like never before. Today in this blog post we will show you how to use our quick settings feature and create resume quickly. We offer 5 resumes for free, you can try this by creating a new resume in your free account by following below procedure.

Step 1: Add resume sections in our resume editor

So in this step all you have to do is open our resume builder website and add all necessary resume sections that you need to present in your resume.

free online cv maker features - create resume for free

free online cv maker features

Note: If you are not logged in please login to our website. If you don’t have an account. In order to create resume for free you have to Sign up for a free account. It’s free don’t worry!

Step 2: Apply quick settings to your resume

Our quick settings feature provides you an easy a way to apply all the resume settings in one click. In any normal resume editor you have to add all the settings like choose resume formats, resume fonts, resume headings styles, resume templates etc one by one to get a good resume look and feel.

Free Online CV Maker Features - resume quick settings

You can find quick settings button on the top of our smart resume editor. Just click on quick settings button, then you can see a lot of resume templates in a pop-up window. Choose the right template for your resume and just click on apply button. Boom! You have a new resume template applied to your resume.

Bonus: Use Premium Resume Templates to Create resume for free

To quickly get an overview of which resume template is right for your resume, just click on left and right buttons besides quick settings button. Clicking on these buttons will help you to navigate through all our resume templates, helping you to decide correct resume template for your resume.

All these are premium resume templates we are offering for free as our initial promotion. Don’t worry if you applied premium resume template we will not charge you in the future.

Step 3: Download Your Resume as PDF

Downloading resume at is quite easy. Just hover over the PDF button on top of the resume editor, now click on preview and download PDF button. Now be patient for couple of seconds, our resume editor is creating a preview of current resume PDF for you.

Note: once your resume PDF is ready you can click on page break button to apply some hard page break to your resume. This will help you to divide resume into number of PDF pages. Using PDF page breaks you can decide where to break your resume pdf.

Bonus: Publish resume for free online. This will ensure you reach maximum recruiters and saves you a lot of time in communicating with job recruiters.

Bonus: Make Your Resume Online and access through URL for free

You don’t have to do anything in order to get your resume online. We have taken all the steps to make it online ready. Just navigate your[username] you will see your awesome resume you just created.


Note: If you do not want to make your resume available publicly and you are concerned about your data privacy you have to hide your resume. This is also very simple and a matter of simple settings change in our online cv maker tool.

If you are logged in to your account. Navigate to user settings and adjust Resume Visibility settings. You have following options to choose from.

  • Visible (Publicly visible and also shown in major search engines)
  • URL Access (Publicly visible but not shown in search engines)
  • Hidden (Publicly not accessible and protected with 4 digit pin)

Creation of Resume Pin to hide your resume

In order to hide your resume with resume pin you have chosen Hidden option for the resume visibility settings. You will be prompted to enter your resume pin and confirm resume pin. Create your resume pin and you are done.

host protect resume online with pin - Free Online CV Maker Features

You have successfully hidden your resume from the rest of the world. You can share your resume pin with the person whom you have to showcase your resume. After he screens your resume you can again easily change your resume pin if you want. This is how you can create resume for free and protect it as well.


If you follow above mentioned steps to create resume for free online with our online cv maker tool you would have quickly crafted your resume and made it online. No other online resume builder or resume editor would have provided you to create resume for free in under 3 steps that looks awesome.

Most of the resume builders out there will provide you a form to fill up your resume  content while creating your resume which is boring to do task. I hate to fill up forms on the web. I don’t want to create resume online by filling up a form.

The moment you complete your resume in other resume builders they will ask you to upgrade and pay for downloading your resume which is frustrating. The customization options are also very limited in other resume makers when compared to our resume maker. Hope you understand our efforts to give you free resumes at 0 dollars. What are you thinking of start creating resume for free online and get your dream job.

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