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add photo resume - free resume editor

Make Resume Online resume builder is one of the best resume builders in the world. The easy of customizing your resume at our resume builder made is one of the smart resume builder in the world. We take this privilege to say that we are also one of the best photo resume editor in the world. Today we will see how to add a enable and a photo to resume with one simple click.

By Default photo on resume is not enabled. You have to explicitly enable the photo to add it to resume. Adding a picture to resume is so easy as just toggling the button.

How to add photo to CV at our resume maker

Step 1: Login to our resume builder.

Step 2: Choose any resume in the list of your resume and click edit button.

Step 3: In the sidebar you can see Basics section hover over the gear icon besides Basic section.

Step 4: You will see a list of fields related to Basics section which you can enable and disable. Just locate the Picture basic field and enable it.

Step 5: You can see a placeholder picture in the basics resume section. Click on it to upload a good resume photo of yours.

Step 6: Don’t forget to click on the upload button(cloud icon) which will save your photo on our servers. Don’t hesitate to use other picture controls like zoom(slider) and all other rotate buttons to enhance your resume picture visibility.

That’s it if you follow about steps then you will be able to add photo to cv easily. Below is the gif that will explain you even more clearly.

add photo cv - free cv editor

adding photo to resume gif

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